Project Profile

Giving 'latecomers' a head start: Reorienting irrigation investments in the White Volta Basin to improve ecosystem services and the livelihood of women and youth

Duration : January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016

The project evaluates the impacts of selected irrigation systems on the White Volta Basin in Northern Ghana at three scales (small, medium and large). Firstly, the study will examine the contribution of each irrigation system to enhanced rural livelihoods and gender and generational equity; and how ecosystem services underpin this development and are affected by it. Secondly, a comparative analysis of systems at the three scales will be undertaken to assess and explain relative differences in their contributions to livelihoods, equity and healthy ecosystems. Finally, based on this comparison, the project will examine the potential for up- and out-scaling of irrigation investments that give women and youth a ‘head start’ and the changes in policy and skills needed to provide them with positive incentives for the sustainable management of ecosystems and their services.

Location(s): Ghana
Project Contact: Katic, Pamela
Donor(s): WLE
Research Collaborator(s) : University of Development Studies (UDS), Women in Agricultural Development (WIAD),