Project Profile

Enhancing uptake and socio-economic benefits of shallow groundwater irrigation in the White Volta Basin

Duration : January 1, 2012 - April 30, 2014

This project explore the potential for greater use of groundwater irrigation in the White Volta Basin. The specific objectives of the project are: to identify and, where possible introduce affordable technologies adapted to local conditions, to improve the understanding of the economics of current and potential crop enterprises, to explore interventions that help address the marketing challenges faced by shallow groundwater irrigation practitioners, and investigate ways of fostering and accelerating uptake and adoption of groundwater irrigation in other areas of the White Volta Basin. To achieve these objectives, the project will implement several research-into-use activities, which are grouped into three interrelated and mutually reinforcing work packages. These are: ? Evaluation of existing irrigation methods and alternative technologies to improve the efficiency of shallow groundwater utilization ? Improving profitability and market access: A value-chain analysis, and ? Improving uptake and out-scaling of shallow groundwater irrigation technologies and management practices.

Location(s): Ghana
Project Contact: Katic, Pamela
Donor(s): CPWF
Research Collaborator(s) : International Development Enterprise (IDE), University of Development Studies (UDS),